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Mikko Koskinen about how to fit the whole vibe of Finland into a 2 minute story

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Raz na jakiś czas importujemy wiedzę z zagranicy. Tym razem z Finlandii, ale całe szczęście nagranie jest po angielsku 🙂

This episode is a journey through a little-known corner of northern Europe where five friends had a dream and the courage to make it come true. The story behind the creation of whisky and gin made from Finnish rye is remarkable, and the storytelling campaign to promote these drinks is one of the best we’ve ever seen.

In the episode we explore:

  • How Kyro created a storytelling ad that instantly doubled their sales?
  • What impact can local stories have on storytelling in marketing and how to draw from them?
  • How to get the whole marketing story in one photo?
  • How to tell the story of something you are not allowed to advertise?
  • How to say everything about a brand in just one short video?

And many other issues in the topic of story marketing.


Mikko Koskinen – bio:

He’s an entrepreneur with a background in engineering, design, start- and stand-up, currently based in Berlin leading Kyrö Distillery’s international expansion team. Before his current post, he led the development of the Kyrö brand, marketing, and portfolio.

In June 2022, after 10 years of building Kyrö, Mikko will take a step towards new territory. He’s moving on from his operational role at Kyrö and moving to Iceland to work for a startup sequestering carbon from air. „It’s both meaningful work and interesting new frontier where marketing and branding landscape is still taking shape. Says Mikko

Mikko Koskinen on LinkedIn:

Kyrö Distillery on LinkedIn:


You can find links to the resources mentioned in the conversation, and more knowledge at:

„Marketing Opowieści” is a podcast from Cleverhearted Showrunners, which supports companies in podcast production and the use of storytelling in marketing.

Podcast Host: Michał Kasprzyk

Podcast Showrunner: Rafał Chojnowski

Visual Identity: Simona Zelek

Production: Cleverhearted Showrunners

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